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Joining your Allaince

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Joining your Allaince

Post by mattbond on Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:42 am

1. What's your name in the game? and Which travian tribe are you? what's your main village coordinates? (Post your profile link if possible) My name is mattbond. My tribe is Romans and my village is at the coordinates (-93 / 87)

2. How do you want us to address you? (Possibly by your Name) And tell us something about you. I would like to be called either mattbond or matt, either one is fine. And I am in my last year of High School.

3. How frequent do you log to the game? And What's your time zone? I usually try to get on once or twice a day. (Once in the morning and once at night) And my time zone is NorthWest.

4. For how long you've been playing travian now? and Have you played travian until the end game before? I have played Travian for two years. Last year, I was in an Allaince that was in the lead for most of the time, but right before winning the game, we got attacked by three diffferent allainces.

5. Is there any member(s) of The Crew who can recommend you to be a memeber of the alliance? As of this point, no one in the Crew can recommend me for membership.

6. What's your playing strategy? (Defensive, Offensive, Aggressive, ... stc) My playing strategy is resoucres. I try to build up resources and help out the other members of the allanice. Also, I try to get a small army and raid / attack near villages.

7. Are you getting attacked by any of our alliance members and that's why you are joining us? I am getting attacked by lots of different alaainces. It is just not this allaince, but I figured that i could help you try and win the war.

8. Are you getting attacked by any other player? if yes, Who? Yes, I am getting attacked by other players. The other players names are:
1) Vin
2) sreeraj
3) Kilbourn Trout
4) BerylthePeryl
5) dialn
6) Saraota
7) 2xtreme
Cool Jalapeno
These are the main players that attack me. Some of them do get my resources, but others don't becasue i have four Crannieres. (Which are all at level ten)

9. Did you read Travian Game Rules and the Alliance rules in the FAQ? and are you playing by the rules? Yes I did read the rules and I am also playing by them. I would try to have it no other way.


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